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  1. Sherri Scheider kirjoitti 28.05.2023 klo 16:41

    trinitycyberservice is the best recovery team to help you recover your money from these scammers. A few months ago, I was contacted by a guy on Instagram about an investment platform that will bring huge profits if I invest in cryptocurrency, and after investing $98,000 into this platform, I was asked to invest more but that was when I knew it was a scam, my money was gone and they stopped answering my calls and messages. Fortunately for me, a friend of mine told me about trinitycyberservice and how they can recover my stolen money, I contacted them and in less than 48 hours, my money was reversed to me. Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Micheline Peric kirjoitti 28.05.2023 klo 02:32


    My Name is Micheline Peric from Ireland, I want to say thank you to PRIEST WISDOM for the good thing he has done for me,Though am not sure if this is the best forum to show my joy and happiness for what he has done for me but i can’t hide happiness and my Joy so i have to share it with people, my marriage got crashed about two years ago and i tried all i could within my power but to no avail. I saw a post and testimonial about the good things PRIEST WISDOM has been doing so I decided to give it a try. though he is always a busy man but when he responded back to my email, he gave me 24hours for my marriage to be restored really just like he said my marriage was restored since then I am happy and i am living happily i am so grateful, PRIEST WISDOM you can always email him here: or WHATSAPP / cell phone +2348124644470 or view his blog his web page or go to his page

  3. Catherine Daniel kirjoitti 27.05.2023 klo 18:04

    I decided to try out the services of software Specialist, he helps people to recover lost funds. I can vouch for him because I have used him when I lost a considerable amount of money in a dubious online investment. To be honest, I was skeptical at first but to my surprise he was able to recover my lost funds within a few weeks. The guy was professional and efficient in his work and what I liked most about him is that he kept updating me on the process of recovering my lost funds. Till today all I do is appreciate his generosity and that is why I decided to give this information to the public of how good he renders his services. Contact him on his mail on for great hacking services.

  4. Ivan Olensky kirjoitti 26.05.2023 klo 23:47

    I was convinced by someone I met online to invest in crypto.They had access to a team of analysts that gave good signals on when BTC would go up. First
    I tried with a small amount just to confirm and was able to withdraw a couple of times. This indicated the signals I was being given were growing. I
    decided to put it all in including college money. That is when everything went bad because I tried to reach the person and he had blocked all his contacts
    I tried everything until I was referred to CYBER RETRIEVE. They truly helped me to recover everything at an affordable fee and I was elated.If you in need
    try them on

    WHATSAPP +1(716} 545-4535

  5. Queen Ruth kirjoitti 26.05.2023 klo 23:37

    Get in touch with Francisco Hack if you are in need of a reliable recovery agent. They are the best and trustful recovery agency I have met. Francisco hack deals with a variety of services recovery of lost Bitcoin. I came to know all this after I lost some huge amounts of Bitcoin to fraudulent scammers. But what surprised me was that it took them only 12 hours to recover all my stolen bitcoin back to my private wallet. If you have the same problem kindly contact them and thank me later. All thanks to the Fransisco hack, my life is back on track. Email his team on: Franciscohack(@)

  6. Shannon Solien kirjoitti 25.05.2023 klo 22:51

    My name is Shannon…It’s so unfortunate the number of people who invested their money into the crypto market but ended up being a victim of scam. I was logged out of my account without any explanation or response from the crypto investment site after I had invested all my money. I was hurting so bad but I was very fortunate to come across a reliable cryptocurrency recovery team who was able to recover my money from my locked account. Truly grateful for their splendid service and support. You can easily reach them below is their information

    Call/Text/WhatsApp: (+1 205 632-2466)

    I’m really Thankful to Fouad Web Recovery.

  7. Pearl Simon kirjoitti 24.05.2023 klo 22:09

    Hello Everyone, My name is Pearl Simon. I fell by the cryptocurrency income investment scam. My whole Life’s work and savings. I was out USD 453,567.00. I contacted a few after seeing some reviews on Google to consider my alternatives. I chose Mighty Yuri because, in contrast to other companies, they did not demand upfront payments and claimed to have assisted other victims of the same website’s scam. I was about to file for bankruptcy, when Mighty Yuri (Crazy Hacker Kolakov Yuri) actually saved me. is their contact email address.
    WhatsAp: +1 (828 630 8408).
    Telegram: @mightyYuricrypto
    I sincerely hope this helps someone out there

  8. Renee Demyan kirjoitti 24.05.2023 klo 22:08


    MIGHTY YURI is a private investigative, financial regulator, and funds recovery organization. In cases involving ETHICAL HACKING, CRYPTOCURRENCY, FAKE INVESTMENT SCHEMES, and RECOVERY SCAM, we are experts. We assess what’s affecting your score because we are professionals in credit repair.
    The software required to complete RECOVERIES from beginning to end is already in stock.
    Please take note that the credit fix is NOT covered by the accessible tools.

    Be wary of false testimonials and reviews on the internet because a syndicate of writers and perpetrators sometimes works together to post them.

    To schedule a mail meeting, email our staff at the following address as soon as you can.
    WhatsAp: +1 (828 630 8408).
    Telegram: @mightyYuricrypto
    I sincerely hope this helps someone out there

  9. Albert Arnold kirjoitti 24.05.2023 klo 22:08

    Hi Guys. I’m Albert Arnold, I give all thanks to Mighty Yuri for his expertise in cryptocurrency recovery needs. At first I had my doubts about him because not everything online is trustworthy. Mighty Yuri assured me that I would get my money back within 4 hours. I mean all the money that had been taken from me through fraudulent bitcoin investments and money that was stolen from my wallets, I had lost all hope and trust of every getting my money back, I was at the lowest point in my life, i was homeless for 2 months but just like magic i came across Mighty Yuri (Kulakov Yuri). I’m sincerely appreciative of his assistance and professionalism in making sure I got my money back. I complained to him about being a victim of a phony cryptocurrency and FX investor after reading their post, and within 4 hours, all of the money that had been taken from me using Bitcoins and USDT had been returned. To anyone who might have gone through something similar, I strongly recommend his service.
    Mighty Yuri can be contacted via
    Email: mightyyuri(@)consultant(.)com

    WhatsAp: +1 (828 630 8408.

    Telegram: @mightyYuricrypto

  10. Hannah Zafeena kirjoitti 24.05.2023 klo 10:03

    Have come to realize that recovery of Bitcoin isn’t that easy if you don’t possess quality skills. I leant it when I lost mine. I tried many hackers and they never succeeded. But when I tried Francisco Hacker, they managed, I really thank Francisco Hacker for their great Job. Email: Franciscohack(@) or Telegram @Franciscohacker

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