Golden Soul Classical

Golden Soul ClassicalBorn: 13.03.2007
Results: VG in junior class
Sani in breeding database

Heatwave Pascale Tyrol Patrick GB CH IRL CH Galaith Crown Prince of Tyrol
Kerrien Shauna of Tyrol
Single M'Kinchie of Glen Sheallag KANS MVA FIN MVA S MVA Rossmix No Regrets
Ocean Blue of Glen Sheallag
FIN MVA Golden Soul Once My Love KANS MVA FIN MVA Pauclare Pot of Gold GB CH Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien
Sansue Bobbysox of Pauclare
FIN MVA Golden Soul Design FIN MVA Lovehayne Darter
FIN MVA V-00 V-03 Luckyflame's Chim Chiminey