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21.10.2020 Olemme myös Facebookissa ja Instagramissa!🌟We are now in Facebook and Instagram!

🌟Latest news and results can be found from our Facebook pages (kennel Pikestar´s) and Instagram kennelpikestars🌟

02.10.2016 Tuulos

Our Flatoated Retriever Mei Dan Brie was 2nd best dog and got his 3rd CC and became FI CH!

09.05.2015 Mikkeli

Group Show, judge Markku Kipinä, Finland

Our Flatoated Retriever Mei Dan Brie was in his 1st official show and was BOS & got CC! On bitches Pikestar´s Sweet Surrender was 2nd best bitch.

Mei Dan Brie

15.09.2013 Helsinki

Group Show, judge Lillian Lieton, Denmark

Our Australian terrier Pikestar´s Bon Voyage “Topi” was 2nd best dog and got his 3rd CC and became Finnish Champion!
His sister Pikestar´s Break The Spell got 1 excellent and res-CC at the same show.

Pikestar´s Bon Voyage

14.06.2012 In Memoriam

In Memoriam Pikestar´s Perfect Smile “Elmo” 17.11.2006-9.5.2012

22.04.2012 Inkeroinen

Group show, judge Irina Polateva

Flatcoated Retriever Pikestar´s Golden Gibson Open class, EXC 2

09.04.2012 Lappeenranta

International show, judge Ingrid Borchorst

Australian terrier Pikestar´s Bon Voyage intermediate class, EXC, CC

07.01.2012 Lohja

puppy show, judge Eeva Anttinen, 28 puppies
Pikestar’s Golden Gibson 1 HP BDP BOB-puppy
Pikestar´s Golden Sherry 2 HPPikestar´s Golden Soul 1 HP BBP BOS-puppy

16.11.2011 In Memoriam

In Memoriam INT FI RUS CH RKFW-08 Pikestar´s Forever Yours 10.3.2002-6.11.2011

09.10.2011 Lohja SNJ

At Retriever specialty show Pikestar´s flats achieved following results: Pikestar´s Taste Of Success OPEN EXL 2 CC quality, FI CH Pikestar´s Saruman CHAMPION EXL, CIB FIN RUS CH RKFW-08 Pikestar’s Forever Yours VET EXL 2.